2018 PREPaRE Workshop 1

  • 06/20/2018
  • Mission Point, Mackinac island

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The PREPaRE School Crisis Prevention & Intervention Curriculum

Workshop 1:  Crisis Prevention and Preparedness: Comprehensive School Safety Planning

This 1-day workshop provides school mental health professionals, administrators, security officers, and other educators knowledge and resources important to establishing and sustaining comprehensive, ongoing school safety and crisis prevention, mitigation, and preparedness. Making use of existing personnel, resources, and programs, PREPaRE can be adapted to a school’s needs and size. Specific attention is given to developing, exercising and evaluating safety/crisis teams and plans, and integrating school and community crisis response personnel. Also addressed are issues associated with the media, social media, technology, students with special needs, culture, and memorials. Training reinforces improved school climate, student behavior and academic functioning, student resilience, and school staff crisis response capabilities.

The NASP PREPaRE curriculum provides relevant school personnel with comprehensive training on how to establish and serve on school safety and crisis response teams. The second edition of the curriculum integrates the roles of existing school staff and community providers in terms of the five crisis preparedness mission areas (prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery) and grounds them in ongoing school safety efforts. The curriculum incorporates basic principles articulated by the U.S. Departments of Education (2013) and Homeland Security (2008), as well as the Incident Command System delineated by the National Incident Management System (NIMS). 

The PREPaRE model emphasizes the following hierarchical and sequential set of activities:

P—Prevent and prepare for psychological trauma

R—Reaffirm physical health and perceptions of security and safety

E—Evaluate psychological trauma risk

P—Provide interventions


R—Respond to psychological needs

E—Examine the effectiveness of crisis prevention and intervention

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