Grab and Go Resources

Currently the rough estimate of a Michigan School Psychologist’s case load is 1/1500.  The demands on what we are expected to do are constantly increasing. Included in the demands are the provision of mental health services. Under these conditions most of us are in the position of doing what we already know how to do or what we can learn in 30 seconds. Below are some mental health resources that you can quickly grab and use.

Children's Mental Health Disorder Fact Sheets for the Classroom. These are two page fact sheets on a variety of mental health disorders which were developed by the Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health. Each fact sheet has an overview of the disorder, description of symptoms or behaviors, educational implications, instructional strategies and classroom accommodations as well as resources for further information.

Behavior Intervention Plan Templates (BIP). These are two page templates on a variety of different behaviors, developed by PBIS WORLD using a checklist format, which a team can use to write a BIP. Each BIP will contain information on demographics, target problem behaviors, objectives, preventive strategies, teaching alternative behaviors, positive reinforcement, consequences for non-compliance, home intervention support, program review schedule and signatures. Once the form is completed the BIP is written. Go to the web site and scroll down to the section titled Resources & Support for technique

Local Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator. This is part of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) web site. By entering a zip code you can find mental health providers in the area.

Consultation on the fly resource. This is a free web site that provides information about 124 behaviors. It tells how it affects the teacher and classroom, what to do to change the behavior and things a teacher may do that will make it worse. You need to register with your email address to gain access to all 124 behaviors online. There is also an App version you can download for $1.99.

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