Dissertation Study: Utilization of Web-Based Intervention Techniques

  • 08/22/2015 9:25 AM
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    My name is Elizabeth Hagermoser and I am a graduate student in the School Psychology PhD Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I would like to invite you to participate in my dissertation study. This study is looking at how to improve intervention dissemination techniques to school psychologists. The study will utilize web-based professional development with school psychologists and will provide these school psychologists with information about interventions that will benefit the students in their school.

    This study aims to provide school psychologists with training on a manualized evidence-based intervention for childhood anxiety called Coping Cat. The purpose of this study is to determine how elements of professional development training impact school psychologists’ knowledge and acceptability of an evidence-based intervention.

    Individuals who are eligible to participate in the study are school psychologists who:

    ·Have received a master’s, specialist, or doctoral degree in School Psychology or Educational Psychology

    ·Are practicing in an elementary school

    ·Have been employed at their current school for at least a year

    ·Have never received training on the Coping Cat intervention

    ·Have never completed any of the Coping Cat intervention sessions with students

    In return for participating in all parts of the proposed study, eligible participants will receive training on an evidence-based intervention to treat anxiety in children age 7-13. Participants will also receive bound copies of intervention materials (totaling $50.00) that can be used in treating students in your school. Participants will be asked to indicate a preferred address so that the investigator can provide them with hard copies of the intervention materials.

    If you are interested in participating in this portion of the study please click on the link to take a short demographic questionnaire and prescreening assessment to determine eligibility for the study. If you are eligible to participate based on the prescreening assessments you will be able to read over a consent document.

    Individuals who agree to participate will be asked to (a) complete two surveys, (b) watch online professional development presentations, and (c) complete three more surveys. At seven days, one month and three months after watching the training presentations, participants will be expected to again complete the three surveys. All elements of the study will take place online. The participation period is expected to last for four months.

    Click here for more information:


    Thank you,

     Elizabeth Hagermoser, M.S.

    School Psychology Doctoral Candidate

    Department of Educational Psychology

    University of Wisconsin - Madison


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